Choosing A Casino by CRP

Every player has different preference when choosing a casino, whatever you want to get out of playing online these are aspects should always be considered.


If there is one thing worse then losing at a casino, it's winning yet never getting your winnings out of them. There are a few rouge casinos out there that will 'rob you blind' if you give them a chance. However, like any business if an online casino acts in this manner then you can ensure that they will not survive the competition. Before making a deposit at a casino make do sure to do some research, make some posts on a forum and read some reviews.


The variety of game that a casino offers is an important factor when choosing a casino. From my experience of casinos I found that the once that offer 50+ games are roughly equivalent to casinos that offer 30+ games. The only difference is the bragging rights. They often just offer a slight variation on the games; say the same slot machine just with different pictures on the reels. If you don’t fully understand the game you are playing then never play it. I always suggest playing the game first in 'fun mode' before playing for real money. Try and find all information you can on ways of increasing your odds of winner.

Payout Percentages

This is essential information to find out about a casino. A payout percentage is calculated by: total amount wagered, divided by total amount won at the casino during a set amount of time (often one month). Hence there are $100,000 in bets made at the casino and $97,000 is received in winnings then the casino has a 97% payout percentage. The payout percentage gives you an indication of the odds at the casino; just remember they will vary according the game you are playing. Check that they have been verified by an established body and not just the manager’s fantasy have verified the casinos payout percentage.

Bonus Offers

Every casino offers some kind of bonus incentive to get you to make your first deposit. It is essential that you read the small print of any bonus offer, that the casino offers. First deposit bonuses tend to have more rules and condition then other bonuses, as casinos need to protect themselves from bonus seekers. Make sure you know the wagering condition of the bonus and what games qualify towards wagering. When choosing a casino it is often more important to look at their regular bonus offers then their first deposit bonus. Look for bonuses that are offered on deposits methods such as NETeller and FirePay. Some casinos have daily promotions, which can make the gaming experience more exciting and give you plenty of way to increase your bankroll. Most casinos will give you a loyalty bonus if you deposits and loose at the casino. If your casino is not doing this then maybe you should try another one.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Check what deposit and withdrawal methods are available at the casino. If they don’t suit you then move on the next casino. Remember that the casino will ask you to fax your ID over before they will issue your first withdrawal.

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