Guide to BlackJack Strategy by CRP

The majority of online Casino's follows a policy of refreshing the deck every after every hand. As a result card counting is not a viable option to gain an advantage over the house. Leaving 'basic blackjack strategy' as the best option to gain advantage at the online blackjack table.

The basic blackjack strategy is the optimum way to play your hand. This strategy is derived by mathematical calculations that analyze gaming options and the best possible action to take in every situation to maximize your probability of success. In short 'the basic strategy' is the mathematically correct way to play blackjack. By using the correct 'basic strategy' you will reduce the house edge from 5.75% to around 0.5%. The basic blackjack strategy is dependant on the rules of the casino. Most online casino follows a policy of 1 or 4 decks of playing cards. The following is the basic strategy for playing blackjack with multiple decks when the dealer must stay on a soft 17.

Never take insurance under as it instantly increase the house edge. Every time you take insurance you are statistically losing money. There are certain situation where surrender is a viable option, please refer to table for details. However, not all online casinos offer surrender as an option (e.g. Playtech software). The best way to learn to 'the basic strategy' is to train yourself to constantly check your decision against the blackjack table. I found that by opening flash casino in front of another browser displaying the blackjack table promoted my learning.

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