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If you read no other page on Casino Review Pages, make sure you take notice of this one if you are looking for an online casino with a free bonus promotions.

Before we start on what kinds of casino bonuses you can get, read the section below and make sure you understand it, because it could make the difference between you withdrawing a large amount of money at an online caisno and losing the lot.

Minimum Betting before Withdrawal

All online casinos have to make money to exist - so why would they give you a FREE bonus of real cash? Surely - you may be saying to yourself - I can deposit $1000, receive a hefty $300 FREE and take it all out again? Whoa there - no chance. Any online casino which would let you do this would be out of business in a couple of days. So, what can they do to ensure you at least play for a while?

Easy - they do what any other business does. They add SMALL PRINT, or TERMS & CONDITIONS to there casino bonuses. Basically, these tell you that you must wager at least a particular amount before you can get your hands on any winnings.

Example: You deposit $100 at an online casino for a bonus of 30%. In your account, you will receive $130. Simple so far? Now - due to SMALL PRINT on the promotion - you have to wager 3 times the deposit and bonus ($390) before you can withdraw any money. For simplicity's sake, let's say you bet $100 on EVEN numbers at roulette, every spin. The ball lands in 4, 26, 7 and 10 over the 4 spins.

So, turn 1. You bet $100. You win $100 + your stake back = $200. Your account total = $230. Turn 2. You bet $100. You win $100 + your stake back = $200. Your account total = $330. Turn 3. You bet $100. You LOSE. Your account total = $230. Turn 4. You bet $100. You win $100 + your stake back = $200. Your account total = $330.

From this, you can see that you have made a total of $400 in bets, which is more than the $390 minimum wagering requirements. This means you can now cash out your winnings... or can you?? This is where the casino SMALL PRINT can really kick you hard in the groin. It is now commonplace for online casinos - especially those offering bigger bonuses - to exclude certain games from their promotion. This means that all those bets you made at roulette may not have counted to the $390 minimum... so you have to start again at a different game. AARGH!

Therefore, the advice we have to give you is:

The Different Kinds of Casino Bonuses:

Welcome or Sign-up bonuses
You will receive Welcome bonus only once when you open a real account or/and make the first purchase.

No Purchase (Bonus With No Deposit)
Nowadays only a few online casinos offer your no purchase bonus to test out they casino games with real money. All you have to do is to download their free casino software and register a real account. You have to provide the casino with some information about you - so that they can make sure that nowone can claime the free money more then once. The size of no purchase bonuses are not very high in dollar terms, but it's a great way to evaluate a casino. So keep your bets low. Example: Lucky Emperor offers you $10 free - no purchase required - all you have to do is to download the casino and open a real player account. The register your creditcard and the bonus will be added to your account - you don't have to depsoit any money to get the $10 free.

Match Bonuses (Fixed Bonus With Deposit)
To get a fixed bonus you have to deposit an exact sum of dollars or more. For example, Intercasino will add to your gaming account $100 if you purchase $100. But if you purchase $200 you will get the same $100.

Percentage Bonuses (100% matched Bonus)
Example: Casino on net will add to your account a bonus of x% of the amount you deposit to a certain limit. Casino on net gives a new player a 100% bonus for purchases between $20 and $200. So if you buy $200 you will get $200 in chips. A percentage bonus gives you the better odds for making a profit - but you also need to deposit a large amount to receive them - fpr example Bodog Online Casino offers a 10% bonus with no max limit.

Purchase method bonuses
Besides the three types of described above welcome bonuses some casinos offer a special promotions for certain methods of payment to promote them. For example, when you buy chips at Crazy Vegas Casino they will give an additional 15% bonus for your deposit if you use NETELLER or FirePay. Keep in mind, that this bonus can be combined with other promotions. As for Crazy Vegas Casino it's $100 match bonus, so for the purchase of $100 using NETELLER, you will get $215 to your gaming account.

Current bonuses for real players
A welcome bonus is awarded only once, when you sign-up at a casino for the first time. To encourage players to stay with they casino, some casinos run different promotion programs.

Monthly deposit bonuses
Often a monthly bonus is a percentage match bonus. The monthly bonuses you can get only at a few very reputable online casinos. As an example VIP casino offers a 100% monthly bonus up to $80 free.

Prize draws
Frequently casinos run prize draws, where you can win a prize - often an amount of money that is added to your casino account - provided you fulfill the terms and conditions. This promotions are: Daily promotions - Weekly promotions - Monthly promotions - Happy hour bonus. An Happy Hour bonus is a free casino bonus awarded during a specific, sometimes randomly chosen hour, to a person that is online or deposits during that hour. Example: English Harbour Casino almost always have a price draw where you can win a car or something like that.

Special bonus
This could be anything from a birthday bonus to a cruise to the Bahamas. Example: I received $10 free from Lasseters when it was my birthday last year.

High roller bonus
A high roller bonus is targeted at people with a larger than average bankroll. Usually a high roller bonus is defined as a free online casino bonus of $200 or more. Almost without exception a high roller bonus is also a percentage match bonus. Example: Challenge Casino offers new players up to $1000 in free gambling money

Terms and conditions of Promotions
Always read the promotion page on casino site before making a purchase. You need to learn:

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