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Keno is relaxing, easy and fun to play. Unfortunately, it also has a higher house advantage than almost any other casino game.

Basics of Keno

You need luck in order to win at keno. It is a blind luck game with numbers randomly picked. In addition, the house odds are so high (20-50%) it makes keno the least profitable game to play. Keno should be played for fun and as a relaxing break after games like blackjack or Caribbean poker.

Although it is a game of pure luck and the numbers are picked randomly, some people do like to use a couple of "strategies" when playing keno. One "strategy" involves choosing successive numbers. For example selecting 16 and 17 then maybe selecting 53 and 54. Although there is no proof this actually works over the long run it does seem like many of the numbers that come out are in consecutive pairs. Continuing the same line of thought, some people like to play groups of three consecutive numbers. Another "strategy" involves selecting the numbers that came out in the last game. You may find that some of the same numbers will appear in several consecutive games. The advantage of Web Based Gambling in this case is that you can try this first at the free games that are offered almost always. You won't make money but at least you can see for yourself if this theory works or not.

Probably the only real way to improve your chances in keno is to make a "way" bet. Making a way bet allows you to make several bets on the same ticket without paying extra money. For instance you have three groups of three numbers A, B, and C; you can circle each group of three numbers to classify them as a group then mark your keno ticket as a way bet in the section called "Spots/Ways Rate". Instead of writing down 9 as in a straight bet mark "3/3" this means you are actually making three bets for the price on one. A bet on group A, a bet on group B and a bet on group C. To carry this even further you can even make a "combination way bet". To do this you would simply take the same the same ticket with your three groups circled and write 3/6 in the Spots//Ways section. Now you are making bets on group A, B, C, AB, AC, and BC. This type of bet is usually available in the keno lounges and not available on video keno machines.

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