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Basics of Online Slots

Huge jackpots, wild graphics, plenty of sound effects and excitement. The concept is simple, drop in some coins, pull the handle and hope to hear the sounds of winning big!

Online Slots Winning Strategies

Hot slots, a giving machine, a machine that didn't give for a long time, these are only a small selection of believes that people have about slot machines that have better chances of winning.

Don't waste your time trying to find a "due" to payoff machine it's a myth. The slot machines are programmed at the manufacturing site to be random; each play on each machine has the same odds no matter how often or how long ago it paid off.

One of the true facts about slot machines is that mostly, higher value machine payoff a little more often the smaller value machines. The nickel and quarter machines usually pay the least, while the $100.00 machines pay off the most often.

It is also true that if you are a consistent player, and play a lot the casino may regard you as a preferred customer. The casino may give these preferred customers a prize in an attempt to keep them coming and playing in their casino.

Simple Online Slots

There is no strategy in simple slot machines. All you do is insert money, pull the handle (click the key) and let luck take its course. Just remember to gamble with what you can afford to lose. Take your wins when you get them, and play for fun.

Multiple-Coin Slots

Multiple-Coin slots are slot machines that can be played with multiple coins. There are two different kinds:

The first kind is machines that by increasing the number of payout lines, it is possible to increase the odds of winning. There is a maximum of five lines three horizontal and two diagonal. Each coin played adds one more. The machine will pay out on winning sequences on all lines you've bet on.

The second kind, are slot- machines that their payout depends on your bet. For instance, if one coin is played the payout might be 200 coins, 500 coins for two coins played and if a third coin is played - 1000 coins. In these machines the best strategy is to play the maximum number of coins, because assuming you win the same number of times the additional payout percentage makes you more money.

It is smarter to play a quarter machine using maximum coins than to play a dollar machine using one coin.

Winning Attitude

There are a few points you should keep in mind when you want to win some real money at an online casino slot machine.

The casinos know well and not from a book that greed is the greatest motivator, so know yourself and play according to your style.

Limit your play to 3 to 5 pulls on any one machine. On quarter machines you can allow yourself a little more pulls.

If you enjoy playing the slots randomly, that's fine, it's your money. We played that way for many years and thinking we're enjoying ourselves and loosing money, but we can tell you we have a lot more fun now using specific techniques.

To avoid disappointment make sure you understand the winnings diagram on any slot you play.

Don't chase the Jackpot, Particularly on the high-end slots. If you want to play for fun then play the nickel machines. $5.00 will take you too far too soon.

It is best to play the maximum number of coins, depending on you and your funds. This will increase your odds for a bigger win. If you get a good another couple of pulls and run.

Don't forget yourself. Make sure you notice when you cannot afford more losses and stop. Don't count on the casino to tell you you're exaggerating.

Take a chance on high-end machines such as the 5.00 slots only when you can afford it. If you get lucky, grab the money and run (or in our case - click out immediately).

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